Paw Print Lollipop

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Paw Print Hard Candy Lollipops-Candy-[Kosher Mints]-[Kosher Custom Candy]-Candy A Plenty

Paw Print Lollipop

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Flavors Cherry Lemon
Background Color Clear
Paw Print Red

Certified under the OU and Tartikov Hechsherim.

This is for all of the animal lovers out there! 

Each lollipop is individually wrapped. 

They are approximately 2 1/4 in H X 2 1/2 in W.

Minimum of 6.

Color of your choice. Make sure the paw prints will show up on the color you choose. (Eg. Choose dark paw prints on a light color.)

They are OU & Tartikov Kosher Certified, Sugar/Dairy/Gluten/Nut Free & Vegan. They are small batch, hand made hard candy lollipops.