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Unveil the extraordinary world of Candify, where artistry meets taste. Our custom hard candies are masterpieces tailored to your desires. Forget traditional candies; ours tell your story with every delectable bite. Immerse yourself in the exquisite experience of 100% edible personalization.

We make personalized hard candy for all kinds of occasions, including for weddings, corporate promotions, and gifts.

Take a look at our custom lollipops(lollipop hearts, oversized lollipops, custom printed lollipops, etc.), custom logomints, and many more hard candy treats.

We also have personalized candy boxes to complement any gift. If you have a unique idea, we can turn it into a delicious reality!

Welcome to Candify, your one-stop shop for all your custom personalized candy needs in the United States and around the world.

We make personalized hard candy such as custom candy for weddings and corporate promotions and gifts, personalized lollipops (lollipop hearts, oversized lollipops, custom printed lollipops, etc.), and many other hard candy treats. If you have a unique idea, we can turn it into a delicious edible reality. We have personalized candy for all kinds of occasions.

Whether you are searching for a unique way to thank your wedding guests, delicious edibles for a special day, or party treats for clients or loved ones, we do it all. Our services are only limited by your imagination.

If you can imagine it, we can customize it!

Create customized and personalized lollipops and other hard candy treats

with any photo, image, or graphic for any occasion.

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Personalized Candy for Your Next Event

We have four main service segments, all offering sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free custom candy. Best of all, they are kosher!

1. Custom LogoMints

Order custom buttermints with your logo! These yummy candies are individually wrapped, making them perfect, delicious, and inexpensive treats for your customers. For instance, if you have a restaurant, we can make custom mints for your customers with the restaurant logo embedded in the candy.

2. Custom Lollipops

Order personalized lollipops or special lollipops of any size, shape, design, etc. Our offerings include but aren’t limited to photo lollipops (with any photo embedded in the lollipop), oversized lollipops, lollipop hearts, and lollipop rattles (with edible sprinkles and nonpareils in them).

You can even paint your own lollipops using 100% edible paint and images. This type of custom candy is great for parties and group activities.

3. Customized Candy Shapes for Special Occasions

Get personalized hard candy for your anniversary, birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, engagement parties, weddings, graduations, baby events (baby showers, gender reveal parties), and more.

4. Candy Gift Boxes

Get logomints packaged perfectly for corporate gifting, parties, and other occasions. You can choose gift boxes of varying sizes and specify the number of logomints you want per gift box. Include an image on all candies and request additional personalization.












How We Make Our Custom Hard Candy and Wedding Favor Mints

How do you order personalized hard candy from Candify?

Step 1: Reach Out

Once you view our custom hard candy collections and see something you like, you can purchase online or reach out to us! You can contact us via You can also live chat with us on our website, leave a message or call: 216-250-2651. You can create an account at this point to help us serve you better.

Step 2: Send Details

When ordering, we’ll need a high-quality image or whatever other custom details you want to be added to your candy. These details can be uploaded online at checkout. You can make a payment via our online payment options.

Step 3: Production & Shipping

Once you approve your proof, we begin working immediately. We take one to three weeks to produce and ship orders. The exact timeline depends on the complexity and size of the order. Rush manufacturing and rush shipping fees may apply on some occasions. Keep in mind, Candify offers worldwide shipping for your convenience!


Imagine the surprise when someone opens a package of lollipops

embedded with their logo or picture inside! Excited to say the least...

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The Benefits of Choosing Our Custom Hard Candy and Wedding Favor Mints

Here is why you should choose Candify for all your custom candy needs:

  • Our candy is embedded with your customization: Most of our competitors customize the wrapper; we customize the actual candy!
  • Extensive variety of personalized hard candy: We have unique candy options for any occasion! From custom logomints, custom lollipops to various candy shapes and more. We can also accommodate unique customized candy requests. Order lollipops, logmints, and other candy creations with an image, photo, or any graphic on them
  • We offer sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free custom candies. We use isomalt, a natural sugar substitute, that has anti-cavity properties and does not promote tooth decay. Our products are also free of dairy and gluten, making them safe for people intolerant to such ingredients.
  • We have OU & Tartikov Kosher Certification, meaning our products don’t contain dairy, meat, or dairy/meat derivatives.
  • We have an extensive selection of candy colors and flavors. We can also include any fun images, photos, or graphics imaginable to match your event or party theme. We can personalize everything, including taste, shape, color, flavor, and design.

Explore our personalized hard candy today! If you can imagine your ideal candy treat, we can customize it with any image, photo, or graphic for any occasion/event. Contact us for additional information.

A few things you might be wondering

We are proud to be certified under the OU -  The Orthodox Union. All products are Kosher Pareve - non dairy.

We are also certified under the Tartikov Hechsher-Rabbi Yechiel Babad.

We ship worldwide and we offer free pickup in Lakewood NJ

Yes! The entire lollipop is edible-even the image! Everything is made with edible ink and paper! Enjoy them!

If you take proper care in storing your products, they can last a long time (years)! Isomalt is sensitive to moisture, heat and cold. You need to protect them from humidity. Keep them in a cool dry place in sealed bags or an airtight container with desiccant packs. This will keep them dry and clear.  

When you’ve completed your selection, you will upload your photo by checkout!

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OU & Tartikov Kosher Certified

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