Baby Rattle Candy

Candify also has rattle lollipops ideal for all ages. All of our baby rattle lollipops are 100% edible.
Rattle Lollipops

Rattle Lollipops


There’s more to our personalized lollipops. We can offer customized treats perfect for parties and many other custom lollipops. Most importantly, we can personalize just about any aspect of the lollipops, from size to shape, custom image, logo, graphics, and more.

Get in touch with any custom lollipop request for parties, promotional lollipops, plain candy lollipops, custom lollipop giveaways, and more.

Also, discover more product details and enquire about our other hard candy treats via email: or WhatsApp: 216-250-2651. Domestic and international clients can explore our shipping costs and shipping policies.