Custom Candy Gifts for Corporate Promotions

Step into the sweet revolution! Candify's edible branding transforms events and corporate gifting into unforgettable experiences. Delight your guests and clients with a unique touch—customized hard candies that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with the power of edible storytelling.

We know our corporate partners love customizing gifts for their esteemed customers. Our corporate promotions are new and unique - just perfect to draw attention to booths during tradeshows and/or for customer giveaways during special occasions and more.

Our customization is in the candy - not just on the wrapper!!

Get in touch online and send us your detailed request. Alternatively, you can call or whatsapp: 216-250-2651 or email

Our Corporate Candy Gifts

We have many candy offerings as part of our corporate promotions including LogoMints, gift boxes, lollipops, hard candy business cards, place cards and many other unique items.

LogoMints I Corporate Promotions

LogoMints I Corporate Promotions


Logo mints are arguably the best candy giveaways. You can place them on desks or booths during a trade show and other marketing or networking events. They are ideal for corporate gifting in event sponsorships, conferences, award events, workshops, etc., since they can easily be incorporated.

At Candify, we offer custom logo mints with company logos in a variety of colors and font type (regular or script) of your choosing. Simply upload a logo or design of your liking and have the image appear on all your candy. Most importantly, everything is edible!

Our logo mints and all other candies are also OU and Tartikov Kosher Certified, meaning they don’t contain meat, dairy, or dairy/meat derivatives. They are also free of gluten and nuts.

The minimum order is just 120 candies at $0.75 each. They are individually wrapped and available in six flavors: cotton candy, cherry lemon, marshmallow, grape, watermelon, and peppermint.

Bulk and Subscription Discounts are available.

LogoMints Gift Boxes

LogoMints Gift Boxes

From $6.80

If you wish to order log mints in bulk to gift your corporate clients, we have logo mint gift boxes perfect for corporate giveaways. We have five different custom gift box sizes: 

  • 2x2 (with 6 mints) at $6.80 USD
  • 3x3 (with 15 mints) at $17.00 USD
  • 4x4 (with 30 mints) at $34.00 USD
  • 6x6 (with 150 mints) at $175.00 USD
  • 7.75x7.75 (with 400 mints) at $375.00 USD 

All gift box options can feature any of our four candy flavors, namely cherry lemon, peppermint, grape, and watermelon.

What's more, we offer upgraded acrylic display cubes for 6x6 gift boxes and above. Although all of the candies in an individual gift box have one similar image, we can still offer further customization upon request (at an additional cost).

Corporate Logo Lollipops

Lollipops | Corporate/Promotion


We also have custom lollipops for our corporate clients. Enter any text and color preferences as well as a logo/design of your liking, and let's create logo lollipops for your clients featuring a 100% edible image/logo.

Order from 12 custom lollipops with a logo approximately (2-inches or 5 cm) in diameter in one of four flavors (cotton candy, cherry lemon, grape, or marshmallow).

Business Cards / Place Cards Hard Candy

Hard Candy Business Cards and Place Cards


For highly unique custom tasty corporate gifts or treats, you can consider our hard candy business cards that feature any logo/design and text of your choice embedded in the candy. Instead of offering traditional paper business cards or place cards with a custom wrapper only, your corporate clients would be delighted to receive a business card that is completely edible. Order candy place cards instead or both.

We offer three main flavors (marshmallow, cherry lemon, and cotton candy) in six main color options namely; light green, orange, yellow, pink, clear, and light blue. Card dimensions are 2.25 by 3.24 inches in length and width.

 Custom corporate candy favors are all the rage right now, don't get left behind! Our wide array of options is unmatched for a variety of corporate promotions. Our logo mints, lollipops, logo mints gift boxes, and hard candy business cards/place cards can grace any business event planning or promotional efforts like giveaways, tasty treats, branding opportunities, exclusive offers, and more.

Order our 100% edible personalized sweets with the company logo now by setting up a Candify account, selecting the custom candy options you want, paying, and waiting for your corporate candy shipment.

You can make inquiries on our consumable gifts and request further customization by calling or whatsapping us at 216-250-2651, we also have an online chat option, or you can send us an email at





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